Which fictional character do I remind you of and why? »

I’m ill and cant sleep ;-; 

entertain me?


  • A. Available:
  • B. Birthday:
  • C. Crushing on:
  • D. Drink you last had:
  • E. Easiest person to talk to:
  • F. Favorite song:
  • G. Grossest memory:
  • H. Hometown:
  • I. In love with:
  • J. Jealous of:
  • K. Killed someone:
  • L. Longest friendship:
  • M. Milkshake flavour:
  • N. Number of siblings:
  • O. One wish:
  • P. Person who you last called:
  • Q. Question you're asked the most:
  • R. Reason to smile:
  • S. Song you last sang:
  • T. Time you wake up:
  • U. Underwear color:
  • V. Violent moment:
  • W. Worst habit:
  • X. X-ray you had:
  • Y. Your last time you cried:
  • Z. Zodiac sign: